Artist Statement

Art never fails to bring me peace and happiness, whether in the form of painting or dancing, art renews my good attitude towards life.  I am drawn to landscapes and colors and phenomenal craftsmanship.  One example of this is Old World architecture.  The fine details illustrated a time when the craftsman believed his work represented who he was. I choose to paint what represents that excellence and beauty of life.  My subjects usually contain those moments in life that make me stop, catch my breath and stare.  And when I paint, I feel like I am drawn into that scene.

I’m detail oriented. This is not surprising when you consider that I am a trained engineer and a former Marine. You know the saying, “Once a marine, always a marine.”  Thus, details are an integral part of my life that I express in my paintings.

I chose a path in math and the sciences which included anatomy, light & reflection, fluid mechanics (water, clouds and wind movement), the color spectrum and other classes such as trigonometry & architecture. However, I apply that math and science to my art.  Much of my artwork is painted in the traditional realism style. I often use that math & science in my design to deliver realistic details to the scene, while the use of darks and lights provide a special light to my paintings.  In those details, my painting represents the character and the heart of the builder, whether that builder is Mother Nature or a gifted craftsman.

Since oil painting allows long drying times, I have more time to perfect the details in my paintings.  It is through those details, I share where I have walked.  I want you to feel as if you are right there, actually walking up the steps, admiring the craftsmanship, or touching the flower and enjoy the moment as I have.