Market Day

Joists Fixed

Joists Fixed

Joist Area

Joist Area


Used a few valuable lessons that I learned previously to deal with the challenge of painting from photographic references. The area of concern are the front two buildings on the right.

Lessons: 1. Photos leave black holes and 2. If you have to explain what’s in your painting, you blew it. 3. Photo lenses distort 4. Paint what you know. and 5. Not everything in the photo needs to be put in the painting.

The second building back from the right in the photo had joists out of line (area 1 & No. 3) most likely due to age, a fascia on one side of the building yet not the other (No. 4), missing joist that you couldn’t see (No. 2&4), Thus I resized the joist and added 4 where they should have been if the construction was built today. I also removed the fascia on one side to be consistent with the composition of the rest of the area.

Area 5 was an alley or set back and made no sense. You can see the vine going up the wall and the drain coming from above. The two buildings looked like they touched yet there was a large space between them. So I made them touch. It was easier to eliminate the alley and just build a wall for the beautiful stone archway (that was partially seen there) and make it a door.

Lastly, there were a few buildings that were no longer straight up and down. They were leaning. I straightened them.

I have yet to decide where I will put my plants. I’ll decide that last when I examine the balance of all I have chosen to leave in.

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